Preserving wealth with wisdom

Wealth without wisdom is ephemeral. Wisdom ensures that your wealth is protected for the long term.

Having spent a lifetime accumulating and growing your wealth, you know that the greater your assets, the more complicated the task of protecting them.

With this in mind, our solutions work to cultivate, safeguard and transfer your wealth in all the unique ways you need. Through solid life assurance plans, we can tailor holistic solutions to all your financial concerns, whatever the situation.


Managing risks in a fast-changing world

Dexterity, wealth planning expertise and a deep knowledge of global regulations are integral to protecting the wealth of high-net worth clients. Our wealth planning instruments help you optimise and realise your plans to protect and grow your wealth in the long term.

Our insurance-based solutions serve as effective wealth management planning tools in eight key areas:


Wealth protection that transcends boundaries

When your wealth is spread across geographical borders, it is important to structure its protection within the different economies, political systems and jurisdictions it resides in.

Contingent Asset

Our insurance-based plans are excellent contingent assets that are bought and held for their long-term focus on benefits. These benefits are protected for the future and safeguarded against creditors and unwelcome claims. Their innate security is trusted by financial institutions, making them ideal collateral for financing.

Risk Diversification

When wealth is spread across diverse jurisdictions, managing their impact on your wealth becomes imperative.

Currency Diversification

While most of your business assets are held in your home currency, we can construct a volatility budget based on your objectives and risk tolerance by providing diversification in US dollars.

Jurisdicial Diversification

Transferring your wealth to a different country subjects it to unique regulations and jurisdictional responsibilities. We structures plans that work firmly within the legal frameworks of countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bermuda and the United States, so you can direct the transfer and protection of your assets with peace of mind.

Diversified Asset Class

An insurance policy is a much lower-risk asset compared to your businesses and investments. Traditional diversification has proven ineffective during times of economic turmoil, but our Universal Life Plans have shown that they can weather the most challenging market conditions. Case in point: During the Asian Financial Crisis and Global Financial Crisis of 2008, Universal Life Plans remained isolated and unaffected.


Wealth that is guarded grows

Our insurance-based plans enable you to enjoy the fruits of your labour, while bestowing your family the full value of your estate when the time comes.

Wealth Creation

An immediate estate is created the moment a Universal Life Plan is purchased. No other instruments come close to offering that certainty.

With our insurance-based solutions, your family will receive the inheritance you intended while you enjoy the liquidity of your wealth today.

Estate Planning

Estate duties and inheritance taxes can diminish your asset value. Astute planning with Universal Life mitigates these factors, providing you and your family ample funds to meet estate duty obligations while protecting the value of your assets.


A legacy of your best

The things you do for others remain as your most lasting legacy after you’re gone. Fair distribution of your wealth, free from the pitfalls of judicial execution, ensures your legacy is rooted in peace and harmony for your family.

Legacy Planning

Estate Equalisation

When passing your wealth on to the next generation, you want to be fair and equitable. Yet all too often, the idea of fairness and equitability differs greatly in the eyes of each individual.

Giving each of your children a piece of property may not equate to equitability, for example, as the location of each property could lead one child to deem theirs less valuable than the others’.

Insurance is an inexpensive means to equalise your assets, ensuring the undisputed transfer of your wealth to everyone involved. A Universal Life Plan can increase your legacy while protecting it for the future. A purchase now could multiply your original assets so your family gets larger benefits.

Preservation of Asset Value

With asset liquidation comes the risk of asset devaluation. Our solutions are unique in that they create the liquidity to ensure distribution exactly the way you want it while preserving the value of your assets.

Family Structure

Maintaining harmony and honouring your word to each family member is especially important in multi-family structures. Our plans provide the liquidity and benefits to do this effectively, ensuring that every member of your family feels taken care of.


Being prepared for anything tomorrow brings

Making crucial financial preparations lessens the impact of a death in your family or business.

Debt Protection

Death does not cancel out a debt. Our debts live on long after us, with the onus of honouring them falling on the estate or guarantor. To address that, our solutions can be designed to effectively clear loan obligations upon death, freeing your family members or guarantors from the burden of responsibility.

Business Planning

Prudent business planning involves preparing for every business interruption scenario. Our solutions harness Universal Life Plans to ensure that the best contingencies are in place for your business.

Key-Man Insurance

In the event of the loss of a partner or key member of your business, Key-Man Insurance can be used to fund the search for a suitable replacement, ensuring the smooth continuation of your business.

Succession Planning

In the wake of a business partner’s death, his or her shares are given to the spouse or family members who then become your business partners by default. To avoid the complications that can come with working with new business partners, a Buy-Sell Agreement can be established to buy over the share of the deceased partner, with an insurance plan helping to fund the purchase.

A Buy-Sell Agreement can be made with an interested buyer for the sale of the entire business posthumously. Our Universal Life Plans can help finance the transaction at the true value that the business is worth.


As a guarantor for loans that your business may take, a Universal Life Plan comes in useful in that the payout can be used as fees to find a replacement guarantor.

Protect your wealth and secure your future with Universal Life

The flexibility of our premium options means they can be customised to serve your interests while ensuring that the future of your wealth remains secure.

Flexible Plans

Our plans are firmly structured yet provide flexibility when it comes to how your premiums are paid.

Regular Premiums

Paid as you would a conventional policy.

Irregular Premiums

Allows you to take periodical premium holidays.

Short-Term Premiums

Pay off your premium in structured amounts of your choosing.

Single Premium

Pay off the full premium at once. This allows you to finance the purchase with a bank loan, lowering your cash outlay.

Premium Financing

As soon as a single premium is paid, the policy is enforced with its high cash value. This cash value is deemed acceptable collateral by banks who will provide financing for up to 90% of the full premium. The initial cash outlay is therefore drastically lowered, in turn offering the policy holder coverage of about 20 times the lower cash payment.