/Variable Universal Life

Making your portfolio of assets work smarter for you

Variable Universal Life integrates asset management with insurance coverage, allowing the premiums to be paid with bankable and appraisable assets.

Variable Universal Life

This new form of Life Insurance Plans provides the opportunity to use your investment portfolio as a premium payment, thus reducing the cash requirement.

Borderless Efficiency

One of the advantages of this policy is the facilitation of cross-border asset transference where cash movements are restricted.

Asset Management

You retain control of the underlying assets used as premium payments and confinue to enjoy the gains from these investments.

Bypassing Probate

Assets paid out via the Variable Universal Life plan bypass lengthy probate processes and retain their integrity when transferred to your beneficiaries.

Founder Shareholder’s Protection

Company founders will find Variable Universal Life appealing as it allows their shareholdings to remain intact while securing significant insurance coverage.